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This free service was set up to provide an additional channel for advertising Scottish dancing events across the South-East of England by maintaining a distribution list of email addresses. This form of communication has become the most convenient way to contact people quickly and easily and the list already numbers some 240 addresses with more subscribers joining all the time.

By submitting the details of your dance you will very quickly reach hundreds of people who might otherwise never hear about it. Even if you only get a few extra people along after hearing about it from the email it will have been worthwhile. Especially as it is a completely free service!

By joining the list you will automatically receive notification of all advertised events across the region, giving details of the date, venue, band, ticket price, who to contact and of course the dance programme. Covering such a large area, inevitably not every dance will interest everyone on the list, but deleting those functions that are not of interest is as simple as one click of the delete key. 

If you want to have details of your function distributed please email me on with the event details in the same format as the example on this link:

Sample Email Format ]

Alternatively you may send dance details or flyers to me by post and I will type them into the required format although this might take me a few days to get around to it. 

I reserve the right to amend mailings if they do not conform to the standard format. All mailings will be made in plain text and attachments will not be included. 

To avoid filling up everyone’s inbox, every function will be circulated only once. How far in advance to advertise is up to the organisers but typically 2 to 4 weeks notice seems to be the most popular.

If you would like to join or leave the list, advertise an event or just have a general enquiry please drop me an email. If you are asking to join the list please indicate whether you would like to join the Summer Tuesdays dedicated email-a-programme service at the same time. The Contact Us page on this site has all our details.

Finally, I can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this free service. Should a mailing be sent out with a material error, such as the wrong venue or date, a correction will be sent but beyond that it is up to the event organiser to ensure the details sent are correct.